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    • East Northport Middle School National Junior Honor Society


        The ENMS NJHS meets after school once a month.  Meetings are typically from 3:15-3:45.   Listen to the announcements for the location of each meeting.

        • Northport-East Northport NJHS Community Activities and Service Hours Log Sheet

          CURRENT MEMBERS and CANDIDATES should use this form to keep track of your service hours/credits.  Be sure to get a signature from an AUTHORIZED advisor at the time the activity is completed.  Only advisor’s signatures are acceptable.  Parents may NOT sign for hours.  Please indicate "see attached" if authorized signature is on a separate document.

        • Acceptable school or community service activities and credit hours

          CURRENT MEMBERS Should use this sheet to determine the number of service hours/credits that can be earned for each activity. 

        • Selection Procedure for Membership

          • Membership in the East Northport Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is bestowed upon those students who have consistently demonstrated outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, service, and citizenship in the school.
          • Selection of new members will be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council, which is comprised of five current members of the middle school faculty.
          • Candidates for membership in the Junior Honor Society must have at least an overall average of 90 for each of six consecutive quarters.
          • Each candidate for membership must submit an application for membership that will include whatever service has been rendered in school and in the community, as well as the names and signatures of three faculty sponsors.  Each candidate must have at least ten hours of services to school and ten hours of service in the community.  (Family responsibilities, such as babysitting, or chores do not count for service.  Music lessons, religious education, and graded activities, such as chorus, orchestra, and band, do not count for service.)
          • Candidates for membership will also be evaluated on the basis of their character, citizenship and leadership, as indicated by a Junior Honor Society Candidate Review form submitted to the Faculty Council by faculty members.
          • All students inducted into the National Junior Honor Society will be inducted into the society in a special ceremony in the spring.  New members will be entitled to participate in all activities and projects of the Middle School Chapter.
          • Each student must fill out the application on his/her own. 
          • Application forms will be available on Moodle mid January.
          • Completed applications will be due mid February.
          • For further information, please contact the National Junior Honor Society advisors.